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Meet Doctor  Rashid

Dr. Rashid is a Physician and a Public Health Expert,  trained at Johns Hopkins University and The University of Texas Medical School in Houston. His practice specializes in Pain Management.

He is  happily married to Elena Ledesma and have 6 beautiful children. Elena was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley.

He has  been serving our city – the city of McAllen – for over two decades as a physician, a community humanitarian, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist.

He currently serves on multiple professional boards, committees, and philanthropic organizations.

He has the honor of mentoring students and initiating scholarships. As an entrepreneur, He has established businesses across the Rio Grande Valley, creating jobs and supporting local communities. 

As a philanthropist, he participated in and led relief efforts during natural disasters across the state and country, as well as internationally. He also participated in establishing a state-of–the-art free cancer hospital overseas and corneal transplantation project to restore vision.

Message from Doctor  Rashid

My Dear Fellow Citizens

I am not a politician. I am a physician and a public Health expert, who cares deeply about my patients, my community and our City of McAllen.


My practice specializes in Pain Management.


I alleviate and reduce pain. I hope to alleviate and reduce the pain we are all suffering due to the pandemic and the fear and uncertainty we are all confronting due to the economic, social, medical and emotional upheaval that this virus has caused.


I strongly believe it’s my ethical, moral and professional duty to help my community during this critical time as I have the education, training and expertise to do so.


After my studies at Johns Hopkins University, I am a knowledgeable

Public Health Expert and I have determined that we must restore our community’s health FIRST to restore economic growth, quality in-school education, social activities and tourism.


A healthy McAllen will be a city with a booming economy based on all the features we already have – maquilas, malls, international bridges, excellent medical centers and universities plus a culturally diverse and hard-working population. 


Our beautiful city of McAllen is blessed with every ingredient to be a booming economy, being next to Mexico and the hub of a Metropolitan Statistical Area. But unfortunately we have the highest rate of unemployment and brain drain. We will reverse this vicious cycle by diversifying our economic profile to that of a medical, manufacturing and technological industry which in turn will shift the revenue streams inwards. 


We will create NEW JOBS and INVEST in our HEALTH & EDUCATION.


I promise these difficult days will be over very soon but we have to work together to defeat this deadly disease.


I pledge to you, with all my heart,  that I will serve with Compassion, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, and great Care.


Our future is bright no matter what, we can and we will greet the brightness sooner rather than later.


Please vote for me, Dr. Shahid Rashid, for a healthy and more prosperous McAllen!


Thank you so much and God Bless you All. 

Doctor Rashid

My Initiatives as Mayor

  • COVID TASK FORCE: Pandemic Control, Post Pandemic Strategic Planning for Long Covid and Mental Health Conditions

  • WOMEN : Small Business Loans & Grants for Financial Independence, especially for working single mothers

  • SKILLED WORK FORCE Paid Internships , Scholarships & Financial Assistance for Technical and Vocational Training

  • NEW JOBS : Diversification of Economic Profile to Medical , Manufacturing and Technological Industries locally . Keeping Our Talent and Wealth in the Valley.

  • POLICE & FIRE FIGHTERS & CITY EMPLOYEES: Will offer Competitive salaries with Benefits

  • INFRASTRUCTURE : Improvement and expansion for mobility and flood water drainage

  • TRANSPARENCY: Chat with Mayor & Town Hall meetings

  • An EMERGENCY DISASTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM : For natural or manmade disasters and humanitarian crises.

  • 1% CITIZENS DISCRETIONARY BUDGET : Will come completely from citizens choice, by vote!


We Will achieve our goals by:

  • Cutting wasteful spending

  • Revisiting our budget

  • Resetting our priorities

  • Diversification of economic profile

I pledge to you, with all my heart,  that I will serve with Compassion, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, and great Care.

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