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 Where to VOTE May 1st   Election Day in McAllen 



Click location below for directions:

District 1 | Distrito 1) 

Gonzalez Elementary - 201 East Martin Avenue 


District 2 | Distrito 2)

Lark Community Center - 2601 Lark Avenue

District 3 | Distrito 3)   

Achieve Early College High School at Lincoln

District 4 | Distrito 4)  

Palm View Community Center - 3401 Jordan Avenue

District 5 | Distrito 5) 

McAllen High School - 2021 La Vista Avenue

District 6 | Distrito 6)       

Fields Elementary School - 500 Dallas Avenue

My Initiatives as Mayor

  • COVID TASK FORCE: Pandemic Control, Post Pandemic Strategic Planning for Long Covid and Mental Health Conditions

  • WOMEN : Small Business Loans & Grants for Financial Independence, especially for working single mothers

  • SKILLED WORK FORCE Paid Internships , Scholarships & Financial Assistance for Technical and Vocational Training

  • NEW JOBS : Diversification of Economic Profile to Medical , Manufacturing and Technological Industries locally . Keeping Our Talent and Wealth in the Valley.

  • POLICE & FIRE FIGHTERS & CITY EMPLOYEES: Will offer Competitive salaries with Benefits

  • INFRASTRUCTURE : Improvement and expansion for mobility and flood water drainage

  • TRANSPARENCY: Chat with Mayor & Town Hall meetings

  • An EMERGENCY DISASTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM : For natural or manmade disasters and humanitarian crises.

  • 1% CITIZENS DISCRETIONARY BUDGET : Will come completely from citizens choice, by vote!


We Will achieve our goals by:

  • Cutting wasteful spending

  • Revisiting our budget

  • Resetting our priorities

  • Diversification of economic profile

I pledge to you, with all my heart,  that I will serve with Compassion, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, and great Care.

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