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  Together We Can  

  & Together We Will  



John Hopkins University   |  University of Texas

I am a Physician who cares deeply about his patients, his community and our City of McAllen.


My practice specializes in Pain Management. I alleviate and reduce pain. I hope to alleviate and reduce the pain we are all suffering due to the pandemic and the fear and uncertainty we are all confronting due to the economic, social, medical and emotional upheaval that this virus has caused.

After my studies at Johns Hopkins University, I am a knowledgeable Public Health Expert and I have determined that we must restore our community’s health FIRST to restore economic growth, quality in-school education, social activity and tourism.


A healthy McAllen will be a city with a booming economy based on all the features we already have – maquilas, trade, malls, international bridges, excellent medical centers, educational centers and universities, small businesses and agriculture plus a culturally diverse and hard-working population.

Goals for Greater McAllen


Goals for a Greater McAllen


LaunchCOVID-19 Task Force

We Will form a robust COVID-19 TASK FORCE consisting of all stakeholders for policy formation and implementation.


Defeating COVID-19 while keeping everyone safe through vaccination, PPE, sanitation, and close work with FEMA.


Partner with & Empower Women

We will develop small business loans and grants for women owned businesses with a focus on empowering working single mothers.


New Jobs & Student Internship Program

We will diversify our economic profile to medical manufacturing and technological industries to ensure our economy is future proof. We Will develop paid internships, scholarships and financial assistance for technical and vocational training.


McAllen Lead Immigration Council

We Will establish an RGV council to ensure our voices finally heard on a state and national level regarding immigration. We will ensure our community receives the resources to offset costs and always treat people with dignity and compassion while in the RGV.


Support City Firefighters, PD, & City Employees

We Will ensure that all city of McAllen employees are being offered competitive salaries and benefits compared to the region to keep McAllen leading the state in the years to come.


Improved Infrastructure & Drainage 

We Will expand and improve community mobility, traffic flow, and flood drainage systems for all sectors of McAllen


Increase Communication & Transparency

We Will develop regular scheduled programs to help your voice really be heard like chat with the Mayor and regular neighborhood town hall meetings


Emergency Disaster

Management System

We Will create a fully comprehensive system to manage natural or man made disasters and humanitarian crisis in the RGV to ensure all are cared for and provided real time info from one reliable source.

We Will achieve our goals by

  • Cutting wasteful spending

  • Revisiting our budget

  • Resetting our priorities

  • Diversification of economic profile


I pledge to you, with all my heart,  that I will serve with Compassion, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, and great Care.

Your Vote Does Matter

Election Day: Saturday May, 1st 2021



I pledge to you, with all my heart,  that I will serve with Compassion, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, and great Care. Your Vote Does Matter.

Doctor Rashid for Mayor. For McAllen.


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